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Offering high-quality lumber for sale in Southside, AL

Whether you're planning to build an entire home or a small dock, you'll need durable lumber for your task. If you're looking for lumber for sale, trust Southside Hardware Co. to have what you need. We'll provide everything for your next construction project in Southside, AL, from framing to ground contact treated lumber.

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What types of lumber do we sell?

At Southside Hardware Co., we only sell top-notch products from brands like AVANTech and Sheetrock. Stop by our shop if you need:

  • Oriented strand board (OSB) - this engineered wood is ideal for load-bearing and sheathing applications
  • Ground contact treated lumber - this treated wood withstands rot and decay which makes it ideal for decks and piers
  • Framing lumber - this pine or spruce lumber is used to create the framework for new construction projects and home additions

Not sure which type of lumber to get for your build? Call 256-485-1468 now to learn more about our lumber for sale.